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Financial consulting

Alvand group with many years of experiences in terms of investment is ready to give financial consulting in different fields to individuals, institutes and companies which are active economy. Financial consulting in Alvand group is included feasibility studies, marketing and marketing business prospects.

  • Providing financial, technical and economic feasibility of projects

    Business plan is a document that specifies the details of the business. This document is containing the current status, needs, expectations and anticipated results of business which is described in detail for assessment.
  • The need to prepare a business plan

    1. Study objectives and resource requirements
    2. Being a Convince plan and ensuring that it is low risk
    3. Surveys are designed  in the planning phase to determine the risk

  • Components of the business plan

    1. Overall objectives
    2. Characteristics of project manager and partners
    3. Definition and Description of business
    4. Strategic market analysis
    5. Financial Analysis
    6. A summary

  • The importance of process and role of Alvand group

    However, choosing a desirable business plan is troublesome but this also is inevitable. A business plan is reflection of the entrepreneurs’ recognition from the plan and job; in fact it’s an expression of entrepreneurs’ preparation for promoting the plan based on processes, management and investment markets and the economy.
  • Commercialization of Ideas

    Alvand group also is ready to providing counseling for commercialization of ideas through making links between science and technology along with plan sponsors.




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