Investor Relations

The realization of your ideas is our goal

Providing financial resources

Commitment of investment companies for other subsidiaries and economic firms is to implementation and operation of the projects.

To this end, Alvand Investment Company offered wide range of services in this filed:

  • Asset-based financing:

    In this company after reviewing requests and based on value and movable and immovable assets defines the maximum term investment and its duration.
  • Funding for implementation and maintenance of projects

    This is a long-term financing mostly for infrastructure project and massive investment. So this is an activity with own complications. In this regard applicants turned to other methods such as participation. To achieve the above objective, Alvand groups feel obliged to entrance in this field and eliminate gaps and needs in the country. We hope that by using science and technology, in future there is no force for stopping any projects because of budget deficits.
  • Contribute to the realization of ideas

    Entrepreneurs and owners of new ideas can count on our collaboration to country supreme goals and plans. Alvand group is proud of supporting of entrepreneurs, scholars and inventors; we help these people by paying attention to them and their need to improve.

    Types of investments in this group include: 

    • Any idea or invention that leads to entrepreneurship
    • Popular idea or invention
    • Idea or invention which has less competitive market
    • Idea  with knowledge base
    • Ideas in the field of
    • IT Ideas which is not implemented in our country

    Feasibility study about ideas:

    • Introducing existing gaps in that filed
    • Materials and methods
    • Introducing  target market (Prices, contacts, culture)
    • Projections of costs in detailed
    • Projections about project implementation process

    Process of funding:

    • Sending or titling out the idea or project
    • Reviewing  by Group Expert
    • Inviting the person who want support for the idea or project
    • Contracting (as a Partnership)

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