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According to economic macro policy of Alvand Company, after getting required agreement and obtaining rating 4, Alvand investment group invest towards establishing construction and installation Company.

Company’s activities include:

A) Design, consulting and implementation of construction and development projects and building up settlements.

B) Supply and distribute building materials in order to implement company activities subject.

C) Conduct business related to export and import all the parts and construction machinery.

D) Equip settlements and rental units’ construction.

E) Contract with internal and external agencies in this regard and equip branches inside or outside of the country.

  • Dense Building construction

    Alvand group known as an experienced company with having a collection of experts and required machinery and specialists as a consultant and contractor for implementing in the private and non -private projects of dense building and Settlements in Iran.

    Alvand group put emphasis on the need of change attitudes and structural reform areas with the use of industry construction systems due to the wide range of old constructions especially in the large cities of the country and the need for structural reform of these areas towards population growth and demand for housing. In this regard our experts are reviewing main concrete tunnel form system; one of the ways for achieving to this system is buildings implementation with concrete load-bearing wall and ceiling. In the tunnel system, walls and ceiling of reinforced concrete would become reinforcement, formatting, and concreting in the same time.  We apply this method to increase the speed and quality of performance as well as improving Structural and seismic performance of buildings from the aspect of integrity of components and their connection in significant way.

  • Facade

    In the design of the building,Facade is the most important part, because facade prepares an outline for the rest of the building components and it is essential in the term of aesthetics.

    In this regard our expert start to study and implement new construction facade which includes cladding system, thermowood, fibercement and curtain wall. Therefore Alvand group has accomplished important projects with attracting and organizing installation and implementation teams.

  • Building Facilities

    Alvand Group has been involved in the design, Sales and after-sales service, domestic and industrial air conditioning system and heating and central heating system in Iran.

    Alvand Group with trained and technical skilled staff is honored to synchronize with modern technology and be ready to assist you by performing domestic and industrial air conditioning, heating and central heating projects in Iran.

  • Retrofitting

    Our group is honored to provide the following services in the field of retrofitting.

    Field studies, nondestructive and destructive experiments in order to evaluate and analyze the vulnerability of existing structures

    Presentation optimum designs of Seismic sanitation and retrofitting by considering technical, economic and administrative parameters

    Consultation in the preparation of the required materials and implementation of retrofitting projects

    as well as the monitoring and quality control during the implementation

    Retrofitting by CFRP and GFRP fibers with special technical specifications in order to increase the resistance concrete elements

    Improved and Strengthened lateral seismic porter system along with reducing critical irregularities in plan and elevation of structures

    The implementation of concrete and metal jacket to increase productivity of poor elements of the existing structures

    Planting fittings and bolt punching for the accession of new concrete elements to the existing structures,

    Installation of foundations base plates and etc.

    Sales of GFRP and CFRP fibers, special epoxy resin, adhesive of Planting of rebar, High-strength cement based grout

    Cutting reinforced concrete according to existing methods

    Remove designing and construction of existing projects flaws by increasing the local resistance of structural elements

    Repairing of concrete and stabilization of damaged and deformed elements

    Modification of dimensions and strengthening of bearing capacity of foundation of structures

    Increasing the floors and changing of existing structures

Structural supplying and equipping group of Alvand Group is undertaken the equipping of structures under construction based on the contract after the necessary investigation and identifying the tastes of

colleagues and Manufacturers which to date has equipped over a thousand residential units.

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