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TEHRAN (ISNA)- 464 KT of products with the total value of $173 million were registered for trading floors of Iranian Mercantile Exchange (IME).

Based on the report, in the agricultural trading floor of the IME, 3,380 MT of maize were traded which shows an increase of volume and value respectively 620 and 669 percent.

In the metals and minerals trading floor of the IME, 86,098 MT of commodities were traded with the total value of $50 million.

In the same trading floor, 83,202 MT of steel sections, 990 MT of copper, 1.4 KT of aluminum, 100 MT of molybdenum concentrate, 400 MT of coke, 6 MT of concentrate and 5 Kg of Gold were traded by customers.

In the oil and petrochemical trading floor of the IME, 245,964 of commodities with the total value of $122 million were traded. In this trading floor, 128,112 MT of bitumen, 38,813 MT of polymer products, 44KT of VB, 29,500 MT of lube-cut, 9,749 MT of chemical products, 780 MT of insulation, 2,500 MT of wax, 1,410 MT of sulfur and 100 MT of feedstock were traded in this trading floor.

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